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October 21st, 2009

Gone a while... @ 11:10 am

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Where do I begin?
Or should I say where did it end?
Guess I will answer both with I DON'T KNOW!
History repeats itself, sometimes rapidly and sometimes slowly, but it always ends up seeing its reflection.

Its inevitable that no matter how much we try to be "individuals" there always someone or something
That has happend once before. That even our thoughts are not fresh and innovative there just mere reflections
Of the past.

So what are we fighting for if the war has already been won?
Today in my Effective Speaking class we had to share a "Narrative personal
Experience" speech and I watch as my fellow peers went up one by one sharing
A personal experience that has been life changing to them. One stuck out he most to
Me and it was a girl sharing about her bestfriend named "skittles" who suffered a heart condition.
The amazing thing about him is that he never stop having joy even in his darkiest hours and he shared it
With the ones he adored the most like her. Well like most of us she felt smothered now that he was doing
Better so she began hanging out with other friends and ignoring his phone calls.
Less than a week later her friend skittles died and she never got to say goodbye!

Reason that speech touch me is we continue to live our lives as if it has no substance to ourselves or even to others.
Why do we wait till we can't say goodbye?

Soo many questions, but no answers....
And so I've been gone for a while!

August 13th, 2009

LoveBird @ 05:33 pm

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Today, I'm in Love....the feeling doesn't surprise me nor does it feel brand new! For the past few weeks i have taken time to get to know someone who now has my heart and brings butterflies to my stomach when we make eye contact. What makes this person so special is that he knows me and I know him not only as friends, but now as lovers. Who would have thought i would be looking at my soul mate right in the eye? Today i feel like a Love Bird, one that can't look back, but only forward to the future with my best friend, my listener, my shoulder, my other half, My Love! Today I feel like a Love Bird and it feels awesome!

July 30th, 2009

Only if someone could bring the SUNSHINE! @ 05:04 pm

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So this is my first entry and i have so many tales i want to share, but where do you start? How do you begin to pour out your thoughts without it making you sound like a complete lunatic?

Well i GUESS the whole point of this being a live journal it doesnt have to make sense....it can simply be whatever my Crazy heart desires.
Today has been very gloomy even though its like 100* outside. I mean i woke up to crazy boys who think i pants them and took there v-card which is totally false ha! I WOULD NEVER DO THAT! Then there's going to class which is where the gloomy part comes in the individuals in my class are so hmm whats the word self absorb....i mean i wonder how they get through life without trash talking and praising themselves all at the same time. I just wonder if they will ever notice theres alot more to life!
Well that was my first class still have one more to go in like 20 minutes which should be very interesting since my instrutor is on medical leave and we have a sub..i cant wait.
Other than that its sweet dreams goodnight to a gloomy day unless someone can bring the SUNSHINE!